Chess tables on the quad


Baldwin Hall, Truman State University, 1938

If you have not already, soon you will be getting a request from the Faculty and Staff Campaign to make a donation to Truman’s foundation.  I would like to let you know about a special PKP project to which you can donate as part of this push.  We are fundraising to purchase and install two concrete chess tables and benches on the quad.  There are now no such tables for students to work at in this area and no permanently-installed chess tables anywhere on campus.  We will provide chess pieces and checker pieces for students to check out so they can take advantage of the game opportunity.

The cost of these tables will be approximately $2000.  Last year, as president of the local chapter, I contributed 10% of the cost, or $200.  Since then another $200 has been raised.  If eight others contribute $200, we will reach our goal in no time!  If 16 people contribute $100, we will have enough to install the tables.  Finally, if 32 people contribute $50 apiece we will be able to get the tables put up, perhaps in time for the fall freshmen check-in.  As with any other contribution to the Foundation, this will be tax deductible.

In order to have this money directed to the PKP tables, please indicate with your donation that it is to be directed to the “PKP Special Project” fund.