Faculty & Staff Members

In addition to outstanding students, each chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is made up of accomplished members of the university’s faculty and staff. At Truman, we are pleased to have a rich team of university professionals who promote the love of learning in our chapter and the world.

Hena Ahmad – English

Scott Alberts – Associate Vice President, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Michael Ashcraft – Philosophy and Religion

Monica Barron – English

Laura Bates –¬†Director of Student Involvement and Campus Activities

Zac Burden – Missouri Hall Director

Patricia Burton – Philosophy and Religion

Paula Cochran – Communication Disorders

Maria Di Stefano – Associate Vice President, Dean of the Graduate School

Kevin Easley – Mathematics

Kelly Freeland – Nursing

Alan Garvey –¬†Computer Science

Jon Gering – Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics

Michael Goggin – Physics

Jill Graves – Associate Director of Admissions

James Guffey – Mathematics

James Harmon – Art history

Rebecca Harrison – Classics

Jack Holcomb – Director of the Center for Academic Excellence

Melissa Holcomb – Nursing

Ding-hwa Hsieh – Philosophy and Religion

Marty Jayne – Justice Systems

Jennifer Jesse – Philosophy and Religion

Amber Johnson – Anthropology

Diane Johnson – Communication

Liz Jorn – Health and Exercise Science

Debra Kerby – Dean of the School of Business

Sue Limestall – Director the Student Recreation Center

Ian Lindevald – Physics

Shirley McKamie – Music

Pat Mickey – Music

Travis Miles –¬†Communications Director in Public Relations

Kevin Minch – Associate Vice President, Director of the Institute for Academic Outreach

Wendy Miner – Education

Judi Misale – Psychology

Ben Ogden – Spanish

Terry Olson – Economics

Cathy Poyner – Accounting

Alanna Preussner – English

David Robinson – History

Mary Shapiro – Linguistics

Miranda Shwadlenak – West Campus Suites Hall Director

Gregg Siewert – French

Sally West – History

Wynne Wilbur – Art

Jack Winstead – Accounting