Phi Kappa Phi Reception and Installation Ceremony


As we come to the close of another successful semester, we hope that ALL of our Student, Faculty, and Staff members will drop by the Phi Kappa Phi Reception from 4:30-5:30PM to meet and acknowledge our members who participated in the Student Research Conference (SRC) and then stay for a very brief Installation Ceremony for our 2014-2015 Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Officers.  Please see below the slate of candidates for faculty/staff officers; in lieu of an additional business meeting this spring, we invite you to send to our Chapter Secretary any comments you have regarding this slate.  Thank you, and we hope to see you on the 15th.

2014-2015 Chapter Officers Slate

President-Elect –Dr. Jack Holcomb, Director of the Center for Academic Excellence

Vice-President for Service-Laura Bates, Director of Student Involvement and Campus Activities

Secretary- Zac Burden, Missouri Hall Director

The Reception with refreshments will begin at 4:30 p.m. and short installation ceremony will occur from 5:00-5:15 p.m. in the Student Union Conference Room.

Chess tables on the quad


Baldwin Hall, Truman State University, 1938

If you have not already, soon you will be getting a request from the Faculty and Staff Campaign to make a donation to Truman’s foundation.  I would like to let you know about a special PKP project to which you can donate as part of this push.  We are fundraising to purchase and install two concrete chess tables and benches on the quad.  There are now no such tables for students to work at in this area and no permanently-installed chess tables anywhere on campus.  We will provide chess pieces and checker pieces for students to check out so they can take advantage of the game opportunity.

The cost of these tables will be approximately $2000.  Last year, as president of the local chapter, I contributed 10% of the cost, or $200.  Since then another $200 has been raised.  If eight others contribute $200, we will reach our goal in no time!  If 16 people contribute $100, we will have enough to install the tables.  Finally, if 32 people contribute $50 apiece we will be able to get the tables put up, perhaps in time for the fall freshmen check-in.  As with any other contribution to the Foundation, this will be tax deductible.

In order to have this money directed to the PKP tables, please indicate with your donation that it is to be directed to the “PKP Special Project” fund.

Fall 2013 Initiation Ceremony photos

The Phi Kappa Phi Initiation Ceremony photos, taken by Dr. James Guffey are on the Truman U-drive for your convenience.

The specific location is: U:\_MT Student File Area\jguffey\Phi Kappa Phi Photos

and they will be available for only a limited time because of space considerations.

Our local chapter is happy to have you as a member, and we encourage you to always read the national Phi Kappa Phi site for the most complete information regarding scholarship awards:

Welcome Fall 2013 Initiates!


We would like to congratulate and welcome the new Fall 2013 inductees!

Brianna Albers
Morgan Anderson
Alexis Bair
Allison Bearly
Brandon Bolte
Olivia Brady
Brian Cary
Claire Cioni
Lisa Clark
Megan Connolly
Meghan Crider
Grace Cripps
Matthew Davis
Jordan Dillon
Megan Distler
Maddisen Ebert
Clare Fielding
Cydney Fielding
April Firsick
Colleen Gallagher
David Giovagnoli
Abigail Henman
Alexis Hinkhouse
Jancee Jarman
Mikayla Johnson
Taylor Jokerst
Dominic Kacich
Tara Korff
Elizabeth Kouba
Michelle Krathenbuhl
Alaina Kramer
Brad LaPlante
Samuel Lucass II
Kimberly MacDonald
Karly Mayfield
Elizabeth Miller
McKinley Murphy
Erich Noack
Lauren Null
John O’Brien
Nicole Panis
Megan Petrie
Alison Robson
David Ruby
Katharina Sherman
Leo Speno
Natalie Vonarx
Miranda Walker
Kyle Warren
Shelley Washington
Lydia Whitacre
Brent Wildhaber
Stacey Wolff
Mark Woodcock

Fall 2013 Initiation Ceremony

Please mark your calendar and make plans to attend the Reception and Fall Initiation Ceremony to welcome and celebrate our newest student, faculty, staff, alumni members of Truman’s Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi!


Truman State University

Chapter 259

Fall 2013 Initiation Ceremony

Sunday, November 17th – 3:00 p.m.

A reception will be held from 2:30-3:00 PM

Georgian Room B

Student Union Building

Induction Ceremony!

Dear Phi Kappa Phi members,

Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Spring Reception and Induction Ceremony to welcome and celebrate our newest faculty and and staff members of the Truman chapter of Phi Kappa Phi!

Please also note the time change.

Sunday April 14th, 2013. At 2:45pm will be the reception, with the ceremony to follow at 3:00pm in the Georgian Room C.